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The highly flexible ARCUSAFLEX flange coupling from REICH is an axially pluggable system that creates a torsionally elastic connection between the driven machine and the combustion engine.

The disk-shaped transmission element dampens torsional vibrations and skilfully compensates for misalignments. The rubber element, which is directly connected to the hub body or the screw-on sleeve, can be perfectly adapted to your applications and their environment by means of various torsion spring stiffnesses and materials.

The coupling flange of the ARCUSAFLEX ensures an almost backlash-free and form-fit plug-in connection with the element by means of a design with cam gearing.

The connecting dimensions of the ARCUSAFLEX flange mainly correspond to the SAE standard and special connecting dimensions are also available on request. In addition, the AC coupling system (abbreviation for ARCUSAFLEX) can also be supplied with anti-rotation protection.

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Designs of the ARCUSAFLEX

  • Type AC…F2 – flange coupling with hub

  • Type AC…F2K – flange coupling for radial element change

  • Type AC…D F2 – flange coupling

  • Design AC-T…T – Shaft coupling

  • Type AC…D TK – Shaft coupling

  • Type AC…F2 DS – flange coupling with anti-rotation device

  • Type AC…F2 – flange coupling with toothed clamping bush

  • Type AC…F2 – flange clutch with electromagnetic clutch

  • Type AC-T…F2 – flange coupling with taper clamping bush


  • Very high torsional elasticity with linear torsion spring characteristic

  • High damping capacity of torsional vibrations and load shocks

  • Backlash-free torque transmission

  • Simple plug-in assembly with large length compensation

  • compensation of major misalignments

  • potection of the drive against overload by torque limitation

  • ATEX

Fields of application

  • agrarian

  • energy

  • industry

  • navy

  • a.o.: BHKW units, generators, compressors, conveyor systems

Torque range

200 Nm to 110,000 Nm

Elastic material

NR or silicone

Temperature range

-40 °C to +130 °C

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Further technical information and pictures can be found in the product catalogue of this coupling series.

Product catalogue

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