Industrie Hero

PMP Industry

For many years, PMP has been a valued partner in the iron and steel, mining, mining and crane technology, and oil and gas industries.

The technical know-how, competence and the highest demands on ourselves convince our constantly growing clientele every day anew. The trouble-free and smooth assurance of the functionality of your machines and plants has top priority for PMP at all times.

PMP’s “industry professionals” guarantee highest product quality with leading drive technology, customer orientation, flexibility, fastest availability as well as our own service team, which you can also access on site if required.

With our highly flexible couplings “Made in Germany” and services (24/7/365), we ensure a long service life and reliability of your systems.

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PMP supports you with a wide range of Coupling technology, among others, in the following areas:

Construction machinery:

  • Dump trucks / Dumpers

  • Grader

  • Scraper

  • Excavator

  • Cranes

  • Cold milling machine

  • Shredder


  • between engine and converter

  • Converter and axis

  • Engine and cooling pump

  • Pump units


  • Pump distributor gear

  • Screw compressors

  • Heat pumps

  • Rotary pumps

  • Centrifugal pumps

  • Turbine water pumps with angle drive

  • Fan drives