Marine Hero

PMP Navy

Owners, shipping companies and shipyards as well as shipping fleets of sea and inland navigation have been relying on the technical know-how of PMP for several years.

The “crew” of PMP stands for highest product quality, customer orientation, flexibility, fastest availability as well as an own service team, which you can also access on site if necessary.

With our highly flexible couplings “Made in Germany” and services (24/7/365), we ensure that repairs are carried out in the best possible way and that ships are ready to sail again as quickly as possible and equipped with leading drive technology.

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PMP supports you with a wide range of Coupling technology, among others, in the following areas:

Ship propulsion systems:

  • between diesel engine and transmission

  • Propellers

  • Water jet

  • Z-drive

  • Thruster

  • Jet

  • Star drive

  • Z-drive or V-drive

Ship’s main engines:

  • between diesel engine and flanged gearbox

  • between diesel engine and freestanding gearbox

Ship auxiliary drives with high idling ratio:

  • with couplings

  • Fire pumps

  • Pumping systems

  • Generators