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About PMP Service.

PMP Service GmbH is a service provider for highly flexible, torsionally flexible, shaft and centrifugal couplings and offers extensive service for couplings from well-known manufacturers.

Since the year 2023 we are reorganizing our extensive service area and offer you more possibilities for your drive situation.

We show commitment.

To keep our customers up and running anytime and anywhere, our service applies to any industrial application and commercial vehicle, to the marine industry including on-shore and off-shore equipment, as well as to the agricultural and power generation sectors.

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We deliver couplings.

In addition to our extensive range of services, we are able to supply suitable new couplings and spare parts for your application through PMP Germany GmbH. PMP Germany GmbH is an authorized dealer in the field of couplings and offers you an extensive range of highly flexible, torsionally flexible, shaft and centrifugal couplings from renowned manufacturers.

We communicate knowledge.

How long does a coupling last? To the blog post »

In order to be able to support our customers 24/7/365 beyond a specific coupling and/or spare parts requirement, we process the topic of couplings and drive technology in general with interesting videos on our YouTube channel as well as with blog articles worth knowing, which are accessible to our customers and interested parties at any time.