This is PMP Germany.

PMP Germany GmbH is a dealer, service provider and service partner in the field of “couplings”. Since our foundation in 2017, we at PMP strive to create reliable values for our customers on the basis of unlimited customer benefit.

Due to the fast pace of our times, we base this on fundamental and timeless virtues such as straightforwardness, conscientiousness, sense of duty and reliability. We combine this with our intuition for the situation of our customers and thus create a decisive basis for a mutual cooperation.

An ever-increasing demand and the fast pace of the last few years prompted PMP to put its service division on its own feet and thus be able to offer its customers a more independent and faster service.

In addition to the supply of couplings and suitable spare parts, the PMP group of companies, through the newly formed PMP Service GmbH, is also able, among other things, to repair couplings as good as new, to carry out alignment checks on complete drivelines, to analyze cases of damage and to provide expert on-site assessments and proposals for solutions to your coupling and drive situation.

To keep our customers up and running anytime, anywhere, our service applies to any industrial application and commercial vehicle, marine, agricultural and power generation sectors. We look forward to demonstrating our capabilities.

»PMP – We Deliver Couplings.«

Our values.


At PMP, open-mindedness means the straightforward desire to fully understand our customers. For us, this means more than just listening to you.


We are reliable for you if we keep to the agreement made with you and this is the guideline for us. This agreement is based on a dialogue agreement.


At PMP, courage means telling you and doing what is right for your situation. The right thing is what brings you the most benefits.


We are reliable for you if we keep to the agreement made with you and this is the guideline for us. This agreement is based on a dialogue agreement.


Trust is basically the intentional taking of the risk of being hurt or disappointed. For us, therefore, a man is a word.

Your benefit.



You can profit from over 40 years of experience in the field of industrial and drive technology and know that you are in good hands with the experts.



Feel well supported and receive assistance in all initial situations from our own team of experts as well as the opportunity to draw on further specialist knowledge from associations.



Save time and use the comfort of a direct contact who is personally responsible for you.



Not only in the time from 08:00 am to 5:00 pm you reach your contacts; also in urgent cases you can contact us outside of our business hours under the telephone number +49 (0) 2104 / 493 883 – 0.



Increase the process quality in your company through the ISO 9001 certified and tested standards of PMP Germany GmbH.


Promise of quality

Talk to us honestly. Our complaint management records errors immediately, processes and corrects them.


Worldwide solutions

PMP Germany GmbH knows no geographical borders. The possibility of working abroad with a German company guarantees you a high degree of security.



Put yourself in responsible hands. Our value-oriented actions are firmly anchored in our corporate culture and documented in our work.



A constant long-term orientation towards the customer guarantees you constant reliability in your cooperation.


Value added

For you, the service of PMP Germany GmbH does not end after you have received the goods. Know that you are in good hands with us even after the purchase

What moves us.

In the current economic situation, business is facing ever new and greater challenges. The greater the demands and expectations, the better the products and the people behind them have to be.

This is where we come in, because we want your company to benefit from the total package of our company through our high-performance products, our professional services, and our contacts and networks. When working with our company, you benefit from more than 40 years of experience in the field of drive and especially coupling technology.

»Our main goal is to support you and your team beyond your current capabilities.«

We accompany you wherever there is a need for action, your options are limited and you need quick help for your challenge or your customer. Your expectations are always the decisive basis for our actions in order to implement your orders in a targeted manner. You can therefore rely on our absolute customer orientation, because this is our guiding principle. For us, the founders of PMP Germany GmbH, it would not only be a great pleasure but also a special recognition to be your technical partner and to implement the associated innovations for you.

Quality is always defined by the customer – we deliver it!

We at PMP Germany GmbH are of the opinion that only you as our customers define what your company really understands by the term quality and what you really need. Therefore we align our thinking and acting exactly to this definition and create the necessary framework conditions in the short, medium and long term to fulfil your order tailor-made for you. Through this part of our overall philosophy the team of our company is able to bundle your expectations, specifications and wishes in your sense and to achieve a perfect effect.

This means that in our company you are in professional hands and offer a constant solution that you really want and aspire to. In order to live up to this claim, we have decided to successfully start the ISO 9001:2015 project immediately after its foundation. After only one year, we have fully met all quality management standards and our management system has been fundamentally aligned and set up to meet the requirements of quality management. In this way, we work in line with the market and meet all challenges. In summary, you as a customer place tasks on us as a company, which we consistently master through our attitude and the resulting standards.

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Our network

Only those who offer their customers a complete package that is powerful, reliable and, above all, resilient can always deliver what really meets the customer's expectations. From the very beginning, it was therefore an indispensable concern for us to additionally document our high standards through membership in leading associations and through our selected technical partners. Even as a young company, we thus ensure for you that we are always up to date with the latest knowledge and can provide you with the latest technical innovations in the field of industrial and drive technology.

Furthermore, through our network, we are able to pass on your questions to experts associated with us, so that you can be helped quickly and flexibly. When working with PMP, you benefit from a company that can rely on partners and institutions beyond its borders that speak for themselves.

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