Coupling overhaul.

Whether for our customers in the agricultural, marine, energy or industrial sectors, a new coupling is not always necessary if the quality and professionalism of the reconditioning are right. We at PMP offer, based on our requirements, a coupling reconditioning that meets the highest demands. The couplings we inspect and subsequently recondition are therefore as good as new when they leave our company and have been inspected by our technician. Due to our own stock-keeping, which is based on many years of market experience, we always have the most important parts for the necessary repairs in stock, so we are always ready for you and your couplings. Especially the couplings of the CENTAFLEX, CENTASTART and CENTAX series are to be mentioned here. This gives you a time advantage, which e.g. ensures that you can meet obligations or orders as a contractor or barge operator.

If you have any questions regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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