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THE expert assessment of your individual drive situation.

Under the PMP+ brand, the PMP group of companies is adding another service orientated experience to its already extensive product portfolio. The expert inspection and inventory of the installed coupling and drive of your machine, your ship, or your entire fleet.

Get a detailed overview of your drives, with our expert feedback and continued operation with our support through our sustainable and unique personal service.

Back to old form.

For all our customers, it is not always necessary to buy a new coupling or clutch, if the old coupling can still be saved and if the quality and professionalism of the reconditioning are right. PMP Service GmbH offers you a coupling reconditioning, which resets your old coupling to as good as new condition.

After an initial assessment on site or by examining pictures, we can tell you whether a reconditioning is feasible and worthwhile and can take immediate action. Thanks to our own stock, which is based on many years of market experience, we always have the most important parts in stock for any repairs that may be required. We are always ready for you and your couplings. CENTA couplings of the CENTASTART, CENTAFLEX and CENTAX series are particularly suitable for repair. We have the most important wear parts for these series in stock and can therefore repair your coupling as quickly as possible and return it to you.

This gives you not only an economic advantage, but also a time advantage, which ensures, for example, that you can meet your obligations or orders as a contractor or barge operator and do not have to deal with unnecessarily long downtimes. Before each repair we carry out, you will receive a damage report on your coupling, which is included in the repair quotation. In this way, we approach the trust you have placed in us with maximum transparency with regard to our work. A repair which is carried out together with the delivery capability and flexibility of PMP Germany GmbH and the experience of PMP Service GmbH provides you with a unique advantage on the market with regard to your respective business area.

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Perfectly aligned.

Precise shaft alignment is essential to ensure optimal operation of the drive shaft. PMP Service GmbH offers you a laser-based alignment check of your drive and cardan shafts, among other things, to rule out uneven wear on your system.

This service competence enables you to detect alignment-related wear of your coupling and/or the complete driveline at an early stage and to initiate appropriate measures so that no further major damage occurs. The result of a laser-based alignment check is a situation picture for you that contains well-founded evaluations and fault analyses. If the alignment of your driveline is not optimal, this correction will be made immediately after the alignment check.

After our visit, you can rest assured that your drive is perfectly aligned and that no more damage can be caused by misalignment. We recommend an alignment check carried out by a specialist after any major modification to your plant. This includes, for example, the installation of new or serviced motors, the phase following ground contact in marine applications, or the simple fact that the motor has been moved.

Only after an alignment check can you be absolutely sure that no damage will occur in the future that stems from a plant misalignment. Our alignment specialists have the necessary experience to provide you with a qualitative analysis with concluding recommendations for action for your individual plant situation. If you have any questions regarding this service, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Everything from a single source.

More than 40 years of experience through worldwide assembly operations in the field of couplings enable us not only to configure and deliver suitable couplings, but also to carry out required disassembly and reassembly directly at your site.

Make your work easier and rely on the crew of PMP Service GmbH for a more complicated assembly. Any installation devices, assembly aids and tools will of course be provided by us. So you have your head free and know yourself and your machine in good hands.

Under the motto "Everything from a single source" we accompany you from the appraisal to the recommissioning of your machine. We determine, recommend, deliver and assemble. The PMP Service Crew knows no geographical boundaries and is available to you worldwide.

Independent material processing.

In spring 2023, we have again expanded our machinery and are thus even more independent and flexible than before. On the one hand, this gives us more independence with regard to our own business processes, and on the other hand, it provides our customers with an outstanding in-house service with regard to the machining of couplings and matching spare parts and components. Individual article adaptation, production or modification is possible within 24 hours.

The following machining operations can be performed in-house by PMP:

Conventional turning

For example, a machine adjustment of unbored/prebored hubs or other components according to customer requirements, as well as common turning operations.


For example, broaching of a classic groove or various profile splines.

Drilling and milling

For example, the integration of various standard and/or special drilling patterns, set screws and clamps.