This is PMP Service.

PMP Service GmbH is a service provider for highly flexible couplings, torsionally flexible couplings, shaft couplings and centrifugal clutches and offers an extensive service for couplings of well-known manufacturers.

An ever-increasing demand and the fast pace of the last few years prompted PMP to put its service division on its own feet and thus be able to offer its customers a more independent and faster service.

In addition to the supply of couplings and suitable spare parts, the PMP group of companies, through the newly formed PMP Service GmbH, is also able, among other things, to repair couplings as good as new, to carry out alignment checks on complete drivelines, to analyze cases of damage and to provide expert on-site assessments and proposals for solutions to your coupling and drive situation.

To keep our customers up and running anytime, anywhere, our service applies to any industrial application and commercial vehicle, marine, agricultural and power generation sectors. We look forward to demonstrating our capabilities.

»Success consists of having exactly the skills that are in demand at the moment.«

Our values.


For us, openness means understanding the individual situation of our customers and making our actions dependent on which of our capabilities are currently most important to our customers.


For us, quality means not only a flawless end product, but also the use of high-quality materials, tools and machines in the manufacturing process, during assembly at our premises or at your site.


We are reliable for you when we have carried out our work according to plan. The fastest possible commissioning of your plant always has the highest priority.


We are innovative when we proceed in a way that no one else does and combine old virtues of the industry with our individual style. Our high quality standards always come first in this approach.


Flexibility means for us to carry out your order in the framework that means an optimal result for you. To achieve this, we combine all the skills that make the PMP group of companies unique.

Your benefit.



Benefit from decades of experience and hundreds of installation assignments carried out worldwide by our service crew.



A high level of expertise and experience in the field of couplings is what distinguishes us noticeably from other market competitors.



True to the motto "one face to the customer", your personal contact person will guide you through your order and is always informed about every step of the process.



For us, good service has no opening hours. Since we know that damage always occurs precisely when no one expects it, we are available to you at any time (24/7/365) by phone at +49 (0) 2104 493 883 - 0.



You can always rely on the quality standards of the PMP group of companies, which are documented by ISO 9001 and tested by TÜV.


Quality promise

We stand behind our work 100 percent. If you have received a product that is not perfect, we will record defects immediately, process them and rectify them. No ifs, ands or buts.


Worldwide solutions

PMP Service GmbH is at your service worldwide. You can also rely on a company "Made in Germany" abroad.



Our daily actions are guided by our values, which have made the PMP group of companies what we are today.



A long-term cooperation with our customers and suppliers is our highest priority. An honest, open and cooperative exchange is essential for this.


Value creation

For us, the work is not done when we have completed your order. Feel that you are in good hands with PMP Service GmbH even after your plant has been commissioned.

Our network

As a company of the PMP group of companies, PMP Service GmbH falls back on the network of PMP Germany GmbH, which has grown over the past years and is constantly expanding. This network means for you that we can fall back on the know-how of leading associations and thus always find and offer the right and optimal solution.

In addition, you benefit directly from cross-manufacturer new developments in the area of the entire drive technology through the regular exchange with our partner companies.

Rely on a service provider who can rely on a network that speaks for itself when working with PMP Service GmbH.

Supporting member of the Bundesverband Lohnunternehmen