• Marine
  • Energie

This compact high power density coupling is perfect for high torque applications.

The CENTAX – TT is an extremely short and powerful coupling solution with a construction of segmented rubber elements, in which two pre-stressed rubber segments arranged concentrically to each other transmit the resulting torque together. This system is characterised by a medium torsional stiffness, which can be very variably adjusted to the respective torsional vibration position depending on the number and arrangement of the segments. The CENTAX – TT dampens torsional vibrations and shocks and skilfully compensates axial and angular misalignments. This coupling system is also effectively ventilated and offers a high permissible power loss.

This product can be installed with minimal effort and can be replaced without moving the units.

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Fields of application

  • energy

  • navy

  • a.o.: Ship propulsion, Generators and similar applications

Torque range

17.6 to 500 kNm

Elastic material


Temperature range

-45° to +80°C

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Further technical information and pictures can be found in the product catalogue of this coupling series.

Product catalog

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